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History of BayState IO

Our History

BayState IO formed in 2018 as a way to connect Massachusetts-based IO Psychologists and those who apply principles and practices of psychology to the workplace. Since the launch, BayState IO has focused on providing quality networking, educational, and peer learning events where members can swap evidence-based techniques, share the projects they are working on, and learn from one another.

BayState IO members are a diverse group of practitioners, students, and academics who work in Organizational Development, Selection, Training, Change Management, Analytics, and HR. BayState IO encourages anyone who has either received masters or doctorate-level training in psychology, organizational behavior, or related fields or apply principles and practices of IO psychology to the workplace through internal organizational practice, external consulting, and academia to join us as members.   

BayState IO Founding Members

BSIO Founding Members.jpg

BayState IO Founding Members: (L to R)

Josue Flores, Tania Barerra, Beth Melillo, Ryan Stebbins, Vicki Tardino

Read more about the history and launch of BayState IO in
The Industrial-Organizational Psychologist (TIP).

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