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BayState IO hosts both virtual and in-person opportunities to learn more about IO-related topics in the Greater Boston area for our members and their guests. Check back here for our upcoming events and click HERE to be added to our email list. We'll send you updates on what we have planned and other important information about BayState IO.

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Evidence Based Management - Virtual Event

Timing: July 18th 5:30 - 6:30PM

Pricing: See Registration Info

Evidence-based practice has the potential to provide tremendous value for HR and Management, but it requires the use of a broad skill set in order to overcome barriers to implementation. This discussion with Michael Vodianoi will focus on the what, how and why of evidence-based management and will touch on the history of the practice, common misunderstandings and barriers often faced, and the skills you need to succeed as an evidence-based practitioner.

Join us on Zoom and by the end of the program you will:

  • Know how to dispel some of the myths surrounding applied science in the workplace

  • Understand the why of an evidence-based practice

  • Enjoy an interactive program and networking with other organizational psychology practitioners

Michael was recently published on this topic, his article is available here:

The Management Accountant - April 2022 - Page 31

Michael's bio is available to view here: Michael Vodianoi

A recording of the program and presenter slides will be shared with all paid registrants following the event. Ticket pricing is for individual participants.

August Social - In Person Event

Registration opening soon...