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Peer Learning - Enhancing Virtual Team Effectiveness

Timing: March 25th 5:30 - 7:30PM

Pricing: FREE for Members

Enhancing team effectiveness in a virtual and distributed environment is a top trend this year from SIOP. How do  I-O psychologists help organizations adapt to virtual working? They do this by providing models and skill-building to help teams prioritize goals, align resources, facilitate effective communication, manage conflicts, and enhance behaviors that build and sustain team performance.

Join your fellow BayState IO members on March 25th at 5:30 pm EST to share your experience with this trend. We’ll begin the evening program by exploring a past research article looking at some of the factors that influence virtual team performance across culture and location. Then, we’ll jump from the research to discussion of our experiences adapting to virtual teamwork, and learning from each other by sharing stories and responding to facilitated discussion.

Do you have research or a case study you’d like to share as part of this program?

Email iobaystate@gmail.com to let us know!


This event is for paid BayState IO members. Read more about BayState IO membership HERE and determine if you meet the criteria to register for membership.

BayState IO's Virtual APRIL Event - Social Networking

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