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Mission and Vision

Our Mission

BayState IO is committed to building a supportive community that connects individuals in Massachusetts who are interested in or currently working in fields related to Industrial-Organizational Psychology.


To accomplish this, we provide networking and professional development events and other opportunities for members to connect, collaborate, learn, and grow in their area of interest in the field. 

What is Industrial-Organizational Psychology?

As the 14th Division of The American Psychological Association, Industrial-Organizational (IO) Psychology is the scientific study of the workplace and the application of behavioral science to improve individuals, teams, and organizations. IO Psychology applies the scientific method to solve workplace challenges and enhance the workplace environment and optimize productivity and efficiency.

Now that you have learned more about us, are you interested in joining as a member?

As a member, you would join us in our dedication to learning and advancing the field of IO psychology by engaging in our community through attending events, sharing ideas, and other participation.

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